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I think it might be wise to take a moment to make it clear that I am only qualified as a coach because I have run the marathon once before. I am not certified in any way (though it is something I am considering, especially because there are weekend courses all over the country that could fold into a mini vacation!). I will not offer medical advice, and anything I say is purely based on my own personal experience. (Though I do subscribe to Runner’s World, if that counts for anything!)

For Team Run to Remember, I’ll be working on creating a mentor program that pairs runners from last year’s inaugural team with new, first-time marathoners. Our training program will be supplemented with informational and social events that we hope will make marathon prep a fun and easy (i.e., not too scary) process. The details are still to be ironed out, but this is the basic idea.

There will be two other coaches as well, so experienced runners shouldn’t worry that this program won’t have anything to offer for them. Team R2R welcomes all sorts!

One last note. I read a lot of blogs, and I know that photos are what make posts really interesting! But I don’t have any pictures yet. So I’ll throw in a few randos from last year to get things going. (With thanks to the people I stole these from on Facebook.)

Team R2R just before the Marathon, at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island


At Memory Walk 2009, a week before the Marathon


Mile 23


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