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I went into Saturday’s race half super-confident and half deathly afraid. Based on practice runs and other race times, I knew I could run a 5K in (way) under 30 minutes. But I also know that things can go unexpectedly wrong for no reason at all. Plus, 5K is not a familiar distance to me – it would only be my third. My first was 3 years ago, when I was not a runner at all, and I had a 40+ minute time. Last year I had been running a bit and had higher hopes, but still came in at 36:01. So I really didn’t know what I was capable of.

It was chilly and I was underdressed. The day was sunny and beautiful, but the wind coming off the water was intense. When we started, I had a hard time judging my pace because it was so windy. I wasn’t wearing my watch and was worried because the race organizers had put the mile marker clocks on the ground so they wouldn’t blow away. I couldn’t tell at all how fast I was going but I needed to track that to be sure I was on pace for at least 9:30 miles. Luckily, the crowd wasn’t very thick and I spotted the first mile clock on the ground: 9:42. I was probably behind the official time by about 30 seconds, so that sounded good to me.

I didn’t feel awesome. Because of the chill, I was wearing my Team R2R jacket, which is not technical and not comfortable for running, and I was constantly readjusting myself. But when I saw that I was well on pace to get my sub-30, my brain told my body that we had to do it.

And I did! My official time was 28:33 but I actually think I was a bit faster, since 28:33 is exactly what the clock said when I crossed the finish, and I know I was behind the starters by at least a few seconds. But who cares?! I made my goal time with tons of room to spare! Just goes to show that with a little work you’ll see A LOT of improvement.

Therein followed a weekend of extreme gluttony: 36 hours of eating and drinking whatever I wanted (except meat of course!). I am now in need of a serious detox. I couldn’t have run yesterday with all that was in my system (ice cream topped waffles for breakfast, anyone?) so tonight I’ll have to punish myself a bit. Intervals it is.



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  1. congratulations!!! You are awesome. And, as you know, I FULLY support the ice cream topped waffles. You deserved them.

  2. thanks Ab!!! you are the very best!! xx

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