My, how things change

April 19, 2010 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Just a year ago, I was…well, I was here. It was right around this time that I started running. I don’t remember, but I probably didn’t even notice when the Boston Marathon happened. But this morning it was front and center in my mind!

I’ve been following a lot of different runners and running organizations on Twitter (reminder – you can follow me! My Twitter is @coachonthemove) and the buildup for the past few weeks has been intense and addictive. So I was super excited to watch today, and I was especially excited to track Coach B as he attempted his first sub-3 hour marathon (which, for the record, is insane anywhere, but is truly, truly insane in Boston, a notoriously hard course). And what a fun day it was! Well, it would have been more fun if I was watching from my couch, but the internet wasn’t so bad. I loved that the Twitter community was so into watching the race and cheering on the runners – both the elites and the “regular” (though much more than regular in my book) people. It’s just so funny to me that this is something in which I’m really interested now. How things change! And in such a short amount of time. (By the way, B totally killed it and came in at 2:54!)

All this run talk made me want to go for a run, but unfortunately I am still haunted by this sinus infection/allergy attack that just won’t quit. I feel like I’ve had a feather up my nose all day. My co-workers made me this sign because I was sneezing so much!

Since I’m not really training for anything right now (well, there’s the Brooklyn Half, but it’s still over a month away), I am just taking full rest time and not running or gymming at all. Better to recover fully than jump in too soon.


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  1. I was in Boston today, not for the marathon. There were so many people at the airport still in their gear, wearing their metals.

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