Three ladies and a horse's tush

May 6, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

By the time I finished my errands and set off to run last night, it was after 7 pm. I was planning on 6 miles, but 15 minutes walking each way to the West Side Highway plus about 70 minutes of running would get me home at nearly 9 pm and we’d be having dinner at midnight. Yuck. So I decided I’d do the 4 mile route and run the 15 minute walk back, which should bring me to just under 5 miles. Better than nothing, I guess.

On the way there, these ladies tried to get me to come shop with them, but I said no!

The sunset was lovely over the highline.

My iPod battery was dead and it’s broken anyway – well, I can’t transfer any new downloads from my computer, so it’s useless – so I didn’t have anything to keep me company on my run and I had a lot of time to think. And think I did!

My first thought was that I wish I had a Garmin. I dreamed about buying one for 4 blocks when I remembered that I had my phone with me and that I had downloaded a running app a while back that promised to be Garmin-esque with pace, maps, and distance tracking. So just 4 minutes or so into my run I stopped to get the app going.

I started running again and after a minute or so I took a peek to see if it was working. It was! And….it was also, apparently, a British application. Everything was in kilometers and there was no option to switch it to miles. So in addition to exercising my body, I also exercised my brain with a little light math.

I learned that either that app is really temperamental or my pace is really ALL over the place. Sometimes it said I was only going 7.1 kph (4.4 mph) and sometimes is said I was going 16.0 kph (9.9 mph). It was probably a combination of both. In the end, it said my average pace was about 9.8 kph (6.0 mph) which I think is pretty accurate and just right for me. I also measured and was very happy to learn that we’ve been estimating the distance exactly right. About 4 miles back and forth on WSH and about 0.8 miles from there to our apartment.

I only took one calculated walk break, but there were a lot of mini-stops for water, plus getting the app started. So another topic I mulled over was the benefit of walk breaks. On the one hand, I certainly move faster when I take breaks. On the other hand, it takes some time to get into a groove, and I never give myself the chance to get there when I take breaks. And being in a groove is the best feeling. It’s really running.

I’m not sure what the answer is here. I wish I understood my body better and the answer was clear. I guess I just have to keep trying different methods until I figure out what’s right for me.

It’s funny, I remember compiling a whole list of things to discuss here, running-related and not, but it has all fallen out of my brain. I guess I just got distracted when I almost ran into this horse’s ass on my way home.

PS. It’s not too late to buy tickets to the Alzheimer’s gala tonight! A party for a really good cause! Tickets are available at till noon and then at the door tonight.



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  1. The horse’s ass is the funniest thing! I can’t stop laughing for some reason!

    • thank goodness I didn’t actually run into his ass….cause that would NOT have been so funny 🙂

      • Well, maybe not funny for YOU. But the thought to me is actually making me giggle. Sorry!

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