Just 25 miles

May 12, 2010 at 4:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

25 miles in one week is really just a base on which I hope to build my marathon training. So why is it so hard to do “just” 25 miles?!

I got to the gym last night and I logged about 2.25 miles total with 20.5 minutes of intervals (one minute jogging, 30 seconds running at fast pace) and 4.5 minutes of walking warm up/cool down. That means my weekly total is now 6.25. I know I’ll be doing 5 tomorrow and I hope to do a longer run over the weekend, maybe 8 on Sunday. Add that up and you get 19.25. Crap.

Tonight I wanted to go to yoga because I feel like I could really use a good stretch and a little relaxation. But clearly, if I want to get anywhere near 25 miles this week, I have to run tonight. Crap again! But I know if I want to significantly improve myself as a runner and improve my time in this year’s marathon, I have to stay on track.

In other news, the Garmins arrived yesterday! Chuck is going to figure out how to operate them today and then we are going to use them on our park run tomorrow. I tried mine on for fun last night and it’s ginormous. But I love it anyway.

This morning I Shredded again. Trying to do it every day for all 30 days starting yesterday! I think if I’m trimmer and stronger I’ll be a better runner.


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