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Oh, how I wish I could go to yoga all the time. Sometimes I forget how wonderful it is, especially with good instruction.

My college roommate and long time friend Melissa recently got her certification to teach Anusara Yoga, and last night she was subbing a basic class at Yoga Montclair. Our other roommate, Ami, and I took Melissa’s class together.

It was so AHHHHHH! It was just what my legs needed after 10 miles. I had nothing at all to worry about – the stretching felt so good. I especially enjoyed the hip opening poses. At the end, instead of doing savasana, we reclined in goddess pose – it was heavenly. It was totally relaxing like savasana, but it was also a deep stretch and it felt amazing. Melissa is such an excellent teacher – she explained everything thoroughly without going over our heads or dumbing it down. The perfect balance.

(I can’t believe I forgot to take my own pictures! Next time.)

I’ve been doing yoga on and off since college (which is a really long time but I won’t get into exactly how long!), and I so wish it was a bigger part of my life. It so happened that on Monday there was a yoga Groupon and I was able to purchase a one-month unlimited pass at ISHTA Yoga for just $30, so I hope I will be able to work it into my schedule more in the coming weeks.

Last night we went to dinner after yoga, and we chatted and chatted and next thing I know I’m getting home at 11:45 pm! Oops. So, needless to say, I did not get up and Shred this morning. Ah well. According to my new philosophy, there’s always tomorrow.

***that photo is not me. I got it from Google images. I don’t know what the rules are and I hope I don’t get arrested.


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