A runner is a runner

June 10, 2010 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

In the June issue of Runner’s World, there’s a Pearl Izumi ad that made me sad, at first, and then really angry.

The paragraph on the next page begins, “The marathon used to be an elite athletic contest. These days, it’s an all day affair where some people mosey across the finish line seven hours after they started.”

I searched online and found that Pearl Izumi has been running ads like this for a few years, and even has a website for the campaign: www.wearenotjoggers.com.

One of the things I love about running (or what PI might call jogging) is the community. Everyone I’ve met through training has been so kind and encouraging. So why develop an ad campaign that cuts people down? Where does this negativity com from? Slow or fast, a runner is a runner. The day you go for your first run – whether it’s 5 feet or 5 miles – is the day you become a runner. And I doubt that anyone who finishes a marathon in 7 hours would say that they “moseyed” across the finish line.

This campaign is mean spirited and unnecessary. I genuinely don’t understand why Pearl Izumi needs to be outright cruel to slower runners. But I know for sure that I will never buy any of their products.

In other news.

Last night’s run was one of those when my body told me to stop and I had to listen. I didn’t fuel before I went to the gym, and my lunch was pretty small, so I felt weak. I need to remember to always eat something before I run. The trick is finding foods that don’t sit like a rock or cause other tummy trouble. My favorite pre-run snack is the classic peanut (or almond) butter sandwich. Protein and carbs = perfection.

I ended up doing 2 miles in 20.30.

The weather is starting to look questionable for tonight, but I refuse to cancel another Thursday run! So please join us at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park at 6:30. We’ll be on the grass near the entrance to the loop this time.

Hope to see you!


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