Summer swelter

July 12, 2010 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I have been melting a lot lately!

On Thursday, before we left for New Jersey, I crammed in 5.5 super hot miles in 58 minutes. I was beyond soaked. I’m sure it was 90+ degrees and the sun was blazing. I took as many water-walk breaks as I wanted (water-walk=timing walk breaks around water fountains) because I was dragging. But at least I did it.

We took an exhaustion break and skipped the 4 miler on Saturday, and on Sunday we headed Central Park for the week’s long run: 9 miles. The plan was to do the full loop (including Harlem Hill! Gasp!), run out of the park, over to the west side on 58th Street, and then down the West Side Highway to 18th Street and home. And we did it! The first 6 miles in the park were pretty good. I didn’t even really mind Harlem Hill (thank goodness for the water fountain half way up, though).  But the West Side Highway was the death of me. I felt like I was swimming in a pot of fondue, only without the fun of eating cheese. It was all I could do to get down to 18th Street. Each block felt like a mile. But I made it! And I was rewarded with a well earned brunch and bloody mary.

In other news, I have a small confession: I have an injury. My feet, especially the left one, have been bothering me post-run for a while. I saw my podiatrist friend over the 4th of July (really, everyone should have a podiatrist friend!), and he thinks it’s plantar fasciitis. YUCK. My treatment plan is new insoles for my sneakers, and possibly a cortisone shot. In the meantime, I shall ease my pain the old fashioned way: by rolling my foot all over a softball under my desk. Fun.


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  1. I dealt with PF for a long time before going to a doctor and the thing that helped me the most was the “boot” to wear at night. That and a lot of stretching helped. Careful with the insoles and they could make things worse. And when I put it out there about the possibility of getting a shot, a lot of people encouraged me not to do it. Hope it gets better for you!

    • Hi David – I haven’t heard about the boot? Sounds like something to look into. Also, what stretches did you do? (I’m also getting a lot of negative feedback about the shot.) Thanks!

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