Back on track…mostly

July 20, 2010 at 3:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

A decent weekend of running and I’m feeling back on track…mostly.

Saturday morning I did five miles on the West Side Highway and I felt pretty great. My pace was better than it has been in a while and it wasn’t too much of a struggle – though by the time I was finishing up, just before 9, it was already miserably hot.

On Sunday, Team R2R had a huge, fun group run. We crossed the Queensboro Bridge, ran through Queens, took a tiny bridge to Roosevelt Island, looped the whole island, and then retraced our steps back to Manhattan. It was fun, but it was also super, super hot, and there wasn’t much shade. I felt tired. It was supposed to be a 10 mile run, but I ended up walking the last mile back over the bridge with a new R2R member, so I’m calling it 8.5 in about 92 minutes.

The before and after pics are mine; the action running shots are, of course, Brian’s!

The trouble now is that my foot is really getting worse and I’m in pain most of the time. (Ironically, running is less painful than walking.) I could barely walk for most of Sunday. I’ve been rolling on the softball, and I iced when we got home on Sunday, but there hasn’t been any noticeable change. I did also order the special insoles, so hopefully those will arrive soon and I will get some relief.


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  1. Awesome pictures!!

    I hope your foot feels better!

    • thank you so much!

  2. I can’t believe you or any of your crazy teammates are running in this heat. Yesterday, my mom sent me an email that basically said “the map of the country looks like the whole US is on fire.” And you are running. outside. You are amazing. xoxo

    • aw thanks ab! we just have to do it – it’s like a part time job. better show up or you’ll get in trouble later.

  3. aww, right by my old office 😦
    it looks deceptively nice out in the pictures and not like it’s 1000 degrees with 300% humidity. good job!

    • thanks! the shade helped 🙂

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