Foot update

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I know it’s been keeping you up at night: what is going on with Meghann’s plantar fasciitis? Is she healed?

No, I’m not healed, but I’m definitely a lot better. I think I can give most of the credit to my new orthotic insoles, which I’ve been wearing for about three weeks now (they’re over the counter, not medical, and cost about $45). I’m sure icing, stretching, massage, and strength training also helped. But I wasn’t able to ice after the 16 miler on Saturday, and I still felt pretty great all day.

Plantar fasciitis is a common over-use injury for runners. (And, yes, it makes me feel kind of bad ass to have an “over-use injury for runners.”) I can’t explain much about it that wouldn’t be plagiarism, so check out the Wikipedia page for the science. I can just say that I’ve had horrible pain in my heel all summer and only now am I finally feeling some relief. So, hopefully, things will continue to go well and I’ll be pain free soon. Coach Ali told me that once it goes away, it doesn’t usually come back. Wahoo!


The extra mile

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Well! My little dream came true – I think my body actually was saving up energy for a great run on Saturday.

The team was doing the NYRR Long Training Run, where participants have the option of running anywhere from 6 to 20 miles. I thought we had 15 on the schedule, since we had 14 last week, so that’s what I was planning for, but on Friday I realized that we were actually supposed to do 16. Whoops. I decided that I only had to do 15 anyway since that’s what I had been mentally preparing for.

But then we were in the park, and the weather was perfect, and the company was excellent as usual, so we thought, why not? And my running buddy and I decided to go the extra mile. It left us off right next to the pretzels and bananas anyway, so it was perfect.

Sometimes I shake my own head when I see stuff like this in writing – I thought we had “only” 15 miles this week but we threw in an extra? I just can’t believe that I have somehow become a person who runs 15 miles on a Saturday morning and thinks almost nothing of it. Extraordinary, really. And wonderful.

Run report: Meh

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 Well, yesterday was indeed a glorious day, but last night’s run most definitely was not.

Even though there was great company – I ran the whole way with my marathon time goal buddy, Laura – my legs felt like lead. I never got in a groove. We did the 6 mile loop in 1:02.

I just hope this means that my body is saving up to have an awesome run tomorrow morning – it’s the NYRR Long Training Run #2 and we have to do 15 miles. Starts at 7 am! Fun! But at least we’ll be done by 10 and can get on with the day.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you! Nothing too thrilling today. I can’t always have exciting pictures of kale to share!

Have a great weekend, friends. Go for a run.

A million bucks

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I feel like a million bucks!

I’m done with the cleanse and I think the results are excellent. I feel bloat-free and I dropped over 5 pounds of excess baggage. I’m definitely lighter on my feet.

And I did take a mental health day yesterday – well, a mental health evening, I guess – and instead of running I went shopping, and it was glorious.

The last BPC dinner was my least favorite – marinated kale salad and quinoa tabouli. The tabouli probably would have been good, but it featured three foods I’m not so into, especially raw – olives, tomatoes, and onions (I ate all the cucumbers). And kale, well…I think I’d rather drink my kale, for now. I subbed carrots and hummus for dinner, and ate the cacao chip mousse for dessert. Then I got 8 full, excellent hours of sleep.

And, finally, the sun is back. So many things have converged to make this an excellent day.

On another note, I’m really happy to have been listed on, a resource for all different kinds of, well, healthy living blogs! Here is some more information on the site and how to get listed:

Healthy Living Blogs is a new resource for the health blogging community. Created by Lindsey of Sound Eats, HLB is a site designed to enhance the positive community of the healthy living blog world. Bloggers and readers can explore the site and find more blogs to love, bloggers in their area, and forums to deepen healthy discussion and support. If you’re interested in having your site listed on HLB, simply send the following information to and check the site out for yourself!

  • Email subject line: MEMBERS
  • Your name (please share if you prefer to go by first name, first and last, or however you prefer to be known on the Internet)
  • Blog Name
  • Blog URL (please start with http://, not www.)
  • Your twitter handle, if applicable
  • Your location (if you prefer not to disclose this information for privacy’s sake, that is completely understandable. We’ll simply include your blog listing in the A-Z listing, not by location, too)
  • Any specific labels (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, weight loss, running, etc.)

I’m looking forward to running with the team tonight! All are welcome. 6:30 at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park, near the loop. We’ll be doing 6 miles.

Fun run

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For the first time in a long time (ever?), I think I can say that everyone had a great time running last night!

Mid-afternoon we learned that we would be doing “Indian sprints” – I had no idea what that meant and I was even more nervous that just juice wouldn’t be enough to get me through the workout. When I went home to change, I ate the cashew snack bar:

It was filling and delicious. Sweet, but not overpowering.

On our way to the park, Chuck explained how Indian runs work: the group runs single file in a line, and every minute or so, the person in the back sprints to the front. It sounded horrible and scary, but it actually ended up being so much fun! There was plenty of time to recover between sprints and it feels good to fly for a little while. We all cheered for each other when we sprinted. Everyone kept up and everyone enjoyed it. I wish we did this every Tuesday (like, maybe instead of hills?!?). And I felt 100% fine with just the juice and snack bar for fuel.

Here we are, all sweaty and glowy after the run:

And here I am pre-run, with my secret running buddy:

It’s Laura! We are going to run a 4:45 marathon together. Oh yes, we are!

I was definitely hungry by the time we got home (even though I accidentally drank some Gatorade – whoops). The BPC dinner was excellent! It was yellow pepper and thyme soup, and a salad of summer squash, peppers, snap peas (I think), cashews and mung beans with a tamarind dressing that was exceptionally delicious. I was actually stuffed after I ate it – but in a nice way, not a gross way – and passed out on the couch almost immediately, waking only to eat the chocolate mousse.

The last day of the cleanse is already here! It went by so fast. I have already consumed my last pineapple-apple-mint juice and I’m sad about that. Just two more juices and a dinner to go.

I am definitely up to running again tonight, but I’m pretty tired emotionally and thinking of taking a mental health day. We’ll see.

Juice, Juice, Dinner

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I decided last week that it was time to do another Blue Print Cleanse, but this time I only wanted to “juice ‘til dinner.” The hardest part of the last cleanse was missing out on the evening ritual, so this solves that issue.

The reason I decided to do it again is that I think that the last cleanse kicked off a lot of great changes in my body, and I’d like to start off my next phase the same way. Hopefully, I’ll get the same effects, even though this time I’m eating a bit too.

So far, so good. Like last time, I feel super clear headed and efficient during the day. Yesterday, I came home somewhat hungry and scarfed down the mini-snack bar they provided (I ate it so fast there wasn’t time to take a picture!), which was delicious. It was tiny, the size of a mini Larabar, but it was enough to keep me going for a little while. Chuck and I did the strength workout from last week, and then afterwards, made dinner.

Here’s what it looked like all packaged up (so small!):

But it looked much more appetizing and substantial in proper plates:

The soup was red bell pepper and it was delicious (though would have maybe been better with some croutons!). The wrap was raw veg in a cashew cream and I didn’t really like it. The cream, I mean. It was sort of stinky and the taste just didn’t appeal to me. I only ate half. Later in the evening, I had dessert, an eensy-weensy pumpkin mousse. It was super, super tasty.

Now, I’m about to consume another big fat green juice. I’m already halfway there! Easy as pie. I just hope I have enough energy for running tonight.

These streets will make you feel brand new

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Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg! Summer Streets are the best!

On Saturday morning, a good number of R2R members met in Union Square for a long run. Most of us had to do 14 miles, so we took a route that went into the park, but mostly featured Summer Streets. We started on the corner of 14th Street and 4th Avenue, ran up Park to 72nd Street, went into Central Park for the 4 mile loop, back out to Park Avenue and all the way back down to Worth Street, and up again to 14th Street.

I had such a wonderful time! I got to run with lots of different people and had fun with all of them. Honestly, the first 10 miles flew by. After that, things started to ache a bit, but generally, good company is a cure all. Plus, it is just so much fun to be able to run in the middle of the street! There was so much to look at and so many people to see. And the weather was absolutely perfect. It was such a nice way to start the weekend.

We took our sweet time – lots of water stops and breaks at traffic lights – and finished in about two and a half hours.

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good and I wanted to go for a short run, so I headed to the gym for a little speedwork. I did the same routine as last time, but I didn’t feel so excellent. I was tired, I guess, but I also had eaten a whole lot of carrots and hummus right before I left. Perhaps not the best idea. When will I learn?

This week I’m juicing again! Just juice ‘til dinner, though. I still want to be able to run and I need some bonus energy. So, tomorrow I’ll show you lots of pictures of all the awesome vegan goodness that I get to have for dinner tonight. In the meantime, green juice for lunch!

Strength vs. Miles

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A fun group of ladies gathered last night for our strength workout. (Where are the boys?!)

We jogged the 1.7 mile loop in about 17 minutes and then headed to Sheep’s Meadow for some light torture.

It actually wasn’t that terrible, but that might have been because we took a lot of breaks!

Here’s the round up:

25 min core workout

Back lunges with runner arms, 15 each side

10 push-ups


Glute sequence in quadro-pad position (that’s table in yoga):

Single leg straight leg ups 1min

Single bent knee pulse ups 1min

Single straight leg side ups 1 min



10 push ups (we went girly style)

Bridge ups – 25

Single leg bridge-10 each



Abdominal Sequence

Curl holds 30 sec

Curl hold with pelvic tilt 20 sec

Forearm side plank 30 sec each (we skipped this one!)



Single leg calf raises 12 each

Seated toe pulls with partner resisting movement 12 each

Side to side resisted ankle pushes 12 each


I actually think that it would take less than 25 minutes if you did everything all in a row, quickly.

It was an intense, great workout – but I can’t help but feel bad about the lost miles. I don’t want to run tonight since we’re doing 14 in the morning, but between today and hills on Tuesday, my mileage so far this week is just 11.3.

Also, I made a running buddy for the Marathon, and we committed to aiming for 4:45 as our finishing time. That’s FORTY minutes faster than I was last year. I’m stronger and better now and I believe I can do it, but I have to put in the work.

No pressure.

Have a great weekend!

Strength in numbers

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I was going to run solo last night, but I knew it would be better if I had some company. So my friend and R2R teammate Sara joined me for a jaunt in the park.

It was a crappy run, honestly – it was so muggy that we just felt sticky all over. We ended up doing the 5 mile loop in about an hour. But at least we had company!

(Different friends on another day!)

This week the team R2R Mentors answered the question “Why are group runs important?” and their answers were so fantastic that I thought I’d reprint them here. This stuff applies not just to our team, but to anyone training for a race. If you are running alone, I strongly recommend joining a team or club! It’s community, support, and motivation all rolled into one. And if you’re running for a charity that’s near to your heart, that’s just a bonus, because you’ll get to meet people who care about the same issues you do. So, without further ado: 

  • I love group runs because they offer an opportunity for you to get to know your teammates and coaches!  If the time/date works with your schedule the group run also guarantees that you will get your run in that day.  While running solo can be fun and meditative, during the group runs you get to talk and bond with amazing people which makes the time pass quickly.  On any given day Brian knows most of the runners in Central Park, so if you run next to him you feel like you are running with a celebrity.  Ali has some great warm up stretches and post-run ab work to give you that extra edge, and she is also a super running partner who pushes you just the right amount.  I highly encourage everyone to make time for the group runs, especially the long runs on the weekend because they are fun and will make your Team Run To Remember experience even more memorable!


  • My schedule and living in NJ have limited my ability to attend group runs but having teammates to talk to when I have run with them is fantastic! It is so good to have folks to talk to to shake up my usual routine of running alone and it is harder to slack off when running with teammates.  It makes the miles go faster for sure. Plus…I love these people and they are such a motivating bunch that it motivates me in other areas of my life as well!


  • I like the group runs because they are fun, they build camaraderie with my teammates and the Gatorade at the end is always better than what I have at home.


  • What don’t I like about group runs?! Group runs are the best! First, they are the same time every week, so from a scheduling perspective from someone who has a kid, there is no confusion as to days and times. Second, I feel like running with people of all levels helps you become a better runner. Third, talking helps the time go by. And, lastly (and most important) this is the best bunch of people to run with… encouraging, good conservationists, funny, welcoming, and inspiring!

Run club tonight in the park! We’re going to mix it up with some strength training, so please bring a yoga mat or towel. Come, it’s fun! 6:30 at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park, near the loop.


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For the first time ever, I did hill training last night. Not fun!

We jogged from our usual meeting spot to the Boathouse, which is at the base of cat hill on the east side. Coach Ali told us that we would run up cat three times and jog back down. The hill is about 200 meters. She wanted us to do the first one at 75% and the next two at 90%.

I have a hard time with percentages when it comes to running. I often see references to running at certain percentages of capacity in articles and manuals on speedwork (yup, I’m a research nerd). But I’m still so new that it’s hard to really understand what my capacity is. So when I hear “run at 75%,” I think, “75% of what?”

As a result, I went out way too hard on the first hill. When I was half way up, I thought, “this is great! I’m fast! I’m almost there!” and then I totally crumbled and slowed to almost walking. Heaving! I was clearly at 95%. So I took it a lot easier on the next two hills. I tried my best to follow Ali’s advice – lean into the hill and use your core to propel yourself – but it was still really difficult. I was so exhausted from the first run that the next two were probably both only at 75%, which I would estimate to be half way between jogging and all out running at my top speed.

I liked it, though – it is always interesting to change up the routine, and, like speedwork, it’s over fast. I am working on reading my body more carefully, and I hope this new experience will help me to better understand my capabilities.

After we did the 3 hills, we jogged up to the reservoir, looped back to the west side, and finished up, for a total of about 4 miles.

This morning should have been a Speedwork Wednesday, but it didn’t seem to make much sense after just doing hills last night (and I also had to take care of some super urgent household chores). So, I’m just going to do a regular run in the park tonight – 6 miles. I want to make sure I’m keeping up with the mileage this month, especially since we have started to incorporate shorter, more intense workouts (which sometimes sacrifice distance).

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