Life lessons

August 10, 2010 at 4:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Here are a few things I learned last week that I thought you might find useful, too.

Life lesson #1: don’t eat a burrito and drink a glass of wine at 11 pm and then expect to have a good run the next day.

(I realize this should probably go without saying.)

On Thursday morning, before we left for Vermont, I planned to get up at 7 am, hop up to Central Park, bang out a quick 6 miles, come home, clean up, pack, and be out the door by 11. Ha, ha. I should have laughed in my own face when I thought that would really happen. Wednesday evening started with Chuck’s work happy hour (where liquid courage was consumed), which was followed by a blogger meet up (more on that later!), and ended with the aforementioned burrito and wine.

I got up at 9 on Thursday (fail #1) and didn’t manage to get out of the house until 10:30 (fail #2). I was feeling pretty good when I got to the park, so I had high hopes. But it was so, so hot. After the first mile, I decided to do the 5 mile loop instead of the 6 mile loop (fail #3). After mile two, I very seriously considered walking out of the park on the east side and taking the 6 train home (almost fail #4). My skin felt like it was burning up, like it did on that 100+ degree day back in July. I always thought CP was so shady, but I suppose that was because I usually run there in the evening. DUH.

Anyway, I bucked up and decided the best way to finish the run would be to cut across the park on the bridle path and head back down the west side. In the end, I did 3.91 miles in about 42 minutes, which isn’t so bad considering how crappy I felt. But I still felt stupid for letting socializing get in the way of my training schedule.

Um, what?

Life lesson #2: negative self-talk gets you no where.

I felt stupid for letting socializing get in the way of my training? Also, what’s with fails #1-4? How about, it was really hot and I tried my best and still got out 4 miles at a decent clip even though I was feeling miserable because of the heat? How about, good for me for getting myself out there at all? That’s more like it.

On Wednesday night, between happy hour and burritos, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point at a big blogger meet up in Midtown (that’s where I also had the pleasure of catching up with Gym Belle). I was super nervous, but I had nothing to worry about – Caitlin and all of the other girls there were amazing, and I learned so much. I was waiting outside for her to arrive and when she saw me, she yelped “HIII!!!” and we hugged – and we’ve never met! That’s my kind of people.

Thanks to Caitlin for the picture. And yikes – I clearly didn’t realize my shirt would look so low-cut when I was leaning over! Oops.

Caitlin was in New York because her book, Operation Beautiful, was released on Tuesday and she was interviewed about it on the Today Show (!) on Thursday. Operation Beautiful is all about the power of positive reinforcement. Caitlin started the movement by leaving post-its on public bathroom mirrors that said “you ARE beautiful,” and it spiraled from there. Check out her website (or buy her book!) to learn more. 

You’d think, that with all of this fresh in my mind on Thursday morning, that I wouldn’t have been so disappointed in myself for a crappy run. But it’s hard to shake the desire for everything to be perfect all the time. It’s hard not to feel that a run like that is a setback, especially after such a great group run on Tuesday. So, I’m trying to rely more on the power of positive thinking. A little more “well done” and a little less “but it could have been better.”

Vermont update to come!



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  1. I have a general rule of no Mexican food within 12 hours of a run that’s more than 3 miles. 🙂

  2. Lesson learned! I think for for forseeable future I’m probably going to extend the timeframe to 24 hours 🙂

    • Goes without saying any Mexican consumables not be consumed w/i 12 horus of a run, especially those of the Tequila / Mezcal variety. Trust me on this.

      • thank goodness I scared myself away from tequila in college and never looked back! 🙂

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