Green mountains

August 12, 2010 at 4:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I love Vermont!

My family vacationed in Vermont sometimes when I was young, and I have been itching to go back. So last weekend we went to Quechee for a few days and it was a delight.

We only ended up running once – the long run, which was 9 miles – but hey, we were on vacation, and it was break week anyway (a mid-training cutback on mileage for one week). I wasn’t sure what it would be like – it had been 11 years since I was last there, and I didn’t really know where we would be able to run. Also, I was concerned about the thinner air – I realize the Green Mountains aren’t exactly the Rockies, but elevation is still an issue. And, of course, there would be actual hills on our route!

It turned out that I had very little to worry about. We decided to run on the main street so we wouldn’t get lost, with the bonus of it being relatively flat. There wasn’t any sidewalk so we had to compete with cars, but there isn’t a whole lot of traffic in Vermont and it wasn’t too bad. The biggest hill was the one leading up to our house. Colossal. It was so steep that when we set out to run DOWN it, we had to stop and walk because it was painful and awkward. I decided right from the start that I was not running back up that sucker.

We had a lovely run. There were certainly some hills, but they were spaced out and manageable. The air was not an issue at all. It was so cool and dry that I breathed beautifully! And the scenery was just lovely. We ended up doing 9 miles in about 97 minutes, which included walking both up and down the monster hill. And we had mostly negative splits!

We did some other fun stuff in Vermont, too. Here is the evidence.

Group run tonight! 6:40 (that’s not a typo) at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park, near the loop. We have a bag drop so you don’t have to worry about your stuff! One and all are welcome, so please come.



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  1. nice pictures!

    • thank you. I have artichokes in my lunch today!

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