Victory is mine!

August 16, 2010 at 4:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

What an amazing weekend of running!

Since we had to cancel the Thursday run last week, I went to the park on Friday after work to get in some miles. I was determined to do 6 and not chicken out and do 5 like I always do! Luckily I was feeling pretty great, and not only did I complete the full loop, but also, for the first time ever, I did it in under an hour. I was booking at the end to make it but I did, with 48 seconds to spare! I was so pleased.

Saturday morning we didn’t want to run since we had the Bronx Half on Sunday, so we volunteered to watch bags while everyone else ran summer streets.

Caught up on some reading!

And then Sunday morning was the Bronx Half. I got up at 4:30 so that I could eat something and drink some coffee and relax a little before we had to leave at 5:30. We both had everything ready to go and managed to leave on time for once in our lives! Unfortunately, though, that wasn’t enough to get us there on time. We waited 25 minutes for a 4 train at Union Square. The only thing that made it slightly less horrible was that the platform was packed with runners, so we knew we weren’t alone. The train finally came at 6:05. We trudged along and then, about 5 stops from our destination, the conductor announced that the train was going express because it was late and that it would be skipping our stop.

(Memo to the MTA: what’s the point in the train being on time if you have to kick hundreds of people off the train to make it happen? It was 6:40 on a Sunday morning. You should have just kept it local and accommodated all of those runners.)

Everyone filed out of the train and waited about 6 minutes on the platform for the next one to come. By the time was exited at our stop, it was 7 am, and we could see that the race had already started. We still had to drop our bag and go to the bathroom! The whole morning was so agitating and unpleasant that I worried about shaking it all off during the race.

We ended up crossing the start line around 7:10, I think. The beginning was weird because of the train situation. Instead of being corralled with people who are more or less at your pace, all of the people who were late just went off together in a big mess of speeds, so that I was both being passed like crazy and also passing people like crazy. It was a little tricky to get a rhythm with so many random paces around.

I finally got into a nice groove around mile three, and I realized that I was moving pretty fast. I felt great. Bronx is a hilly course, but I’m pretty used to hills from the park. I actually think they make me move faster, because I run hard to get up them as fast as possible (so they’ll be over!), and then I get to cruise down them. After 5 miles I knew that my pace was well under 9:30, which is crazy fast for me, especially considering the distance of the race. I realized that I had a chance not just to get a PR (personal record), but that I also might make my time goal for the year – 2:10.

And then, as usual, I had to go to the bathroom! I wasted three full minutes. The lines are always so long – why aren’t there more port-a-johns!?! I thought my dream was over.

But somehow, I found these weird stores of energy and I burst through the next few miles at sub-9:15 pace. I could not believe I was moving that fast. I’m the slow girl! But my body was letting me do it, so I just kept going. I didn’t really even start to hurt until mile 11, but at that point, I was so fixated on my time that it didn’t matter. My Garmin was off (what else is new), so I couldn’t be exactly sure whether I was going to make it and I felt like I just had to go as fast as my body would let me for that last .1.

And in the end, I did it! My time was 2:08:59. That’s a PR by seven and a half minutes and more than a minute better than my goal time – and it included three lost minutes at the loo. Plus, I stopped at every single water station. I felt like a total superstar all day yesterday!

It feels good to know that training produces results, especially after the disastrous Queens Half. And I hope my experience is heartening for people who are still struggling – maybe us slowpokes will never qualify for Boston, but at least we can know that hard work will translate into running faster and feeling better.

Oh, and – Chuck finished in 1:45! Isn’t he awesome?!?!



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  1. So inspiring!!! I’m even more impressed now that I know you stopped for the bathroom (my biggest fear when racing)!!

  2. thank you! the bathroom situation is always the WORST – luckily at the Marathon they have tons, so waiting in line is less of an issue. but it is still such a shame that it messes up your times :-/

    2. in the photos of you guys watching the bags, is that you still running your foot over a softball? Any improvement in that area? How are the insoles?
    3. How quickly you’ve turned on the Garmin! Or, I guess more accurately, how quickly it has turned on you!

    • thank you! yes, I was rolling my foot on the softball (which Brian o-so-kindly brought for me!). it’s still in bad shape. this morning when I got up I really couldn’t even put weight on it. but it’s my fault – I didn’t ice enough yesterday. also, I still haven’t put the insoles in my sneakers! so I’m going to be more diligent about taking care of it and hopefully I will feel better 😦

      I still love Mr. Garmin but he is such a flake! I just can’t trust him anymore!

  4. WAY TO GO!!!! That is awesome!!!! And without the bathroom break you’re getting close to that 2 hour mark. Keep it up!!!

    • thanks Mike! yes, I must admit that the 2 hour mark is now lurking in the back of my mind 🙂 maybe that’ll be my goal for 2011!

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