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For the first time ever, I did hill training last night. Not fun!

We jogged from our usual meeting spot to the Boathouse, which is at the base of cat hill on the east side. Coach Ali told us that we would run up cat three times and jog back down. The hill is about 200 meters. She wanted us to do the first one at 75% and the next two at 90%.

I have a hard time with percentages when it comes to running. I often see references to running at certain percentages of capacity in articles and manuals on speedwork (yup, I’m a research nerd). But I’m still so new that it’s hard to really understand what my capacity is. So when I hear “run at 75%,” I think, “75% of what?”

As a result, I went out way too hard on the first hill. When I was half way up, I thought, “this is great! I’m fast! I’m almost there!” and then I totally crumbled and slowed to almost walking. Heaving! I was clearly at 95%. So I took it a lot easier on the next two hills. I tried my best to follow Ali’s advice – lean into the hill and use your core to propel yourself – but it was still really difficult. I was so exhausted from the first run that the next two were probably both only at 75%, which I would estimate to be half way between jogging and all out running at my top speed.

I liked it, though – it is always interesting to change up the routine, and, like speedwork, it’s over fast. I am working on reading my body more carefully, and I hope this new experience will help me to better understand my capabilities.

After we did the 3 hills, we jogged up to the reservoir, looped back to the west side, and finished up, for a total of about 4 miles.

This morning should have been a Speedwork Wednesday, but it didn’t seem to make much sense after just doing hills last night (and I also had to take care of some super urgent household chores). So, I’m just going to do a regular run in the park tonight – 6 miles. I want to make sure I’m keeping up with the mileage this month, especially since we have started to incorporate shorter, more intense workouts (which sometimes sacrifice distance).


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