Strength in numbers

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I was going to run solo last night, but I knew it would be better if I had some company. So my friend and R2R teammate Sara joined me for a jaunt in the park.

It was a crappy run, honestly – it was so muggy that we just felt sticky all over. We ended up doing the 5 mile loop in about an hour. But at least we had company!

(Different friends on another day!)

This week the team R2R Mentors answered the question “Why are group runs important?” and their answers were so fantastic that I thought I’d reprint them here. This stuff applies not just to our team, but to anyone training for a race. If you are running alone, I strongly recommend joining a team or club! It’s community, support, and motivation all rolled into one. And if you’re running for a charity that’s near to your heart, that’s just a bonus, because you’ll get to meet people who care about the same issues you do. So, without further ado: 

  • I love group runs because they offer an opportunity for you to get to know your teammates and coaches!  If the time/date works with your schedule the group run also guarantees that you will get your run in that day.  While running solo can be fun and meditative, during the group runs you get to talk and bond with amazing people which makes the time pass quickly.  On any given day Brian knows most of the runners in Central Park, so if you run next to him you feel like you are running with a celebrity.  Ali has some great warm up stretches and post-run ab work to give you that extra edge, and she is also a super running partner who pushes you just the right amount.  I highly encourage everyone to make time for the group runs, especially the long runs on the weekend because they are fun and will make your Team Run To Remember experience even more memorable!


  • My schedule and living in NJ have limited my ability to attend group runs but having teammates to talk to when I have run with them is fantastic! It is so good to have folks to talk to to shake up my usual routine of running alone and it is harder to slack off when running with teammates.  It makes the miles go faster for sure. Plus…I love these people and they are such a motivating bunch that it motivates me in other areas of my life as well!


  • I like the group runs because they are fun, they build camaraderie with my teammates and the Gatorade at the end is always better than what I have at home.


  • What don’t I like about group runs?! Group runs are the best! First, they are the same time every week, so from a scheduling perspective from someone who has a kid, there is no confusion as to days and times. Second, I feel like running with people of all levels helps you become a better runner. Third, talking helps the time go by. And, lastly (and most important) this is the best bunch of people to run with… encouraging, good conservationists, funny, welcoming, and inspiring!

Run club tonight in the park! We’re going to mix it up with some strength training, so please bring a yoga mat or towel. Come, it’s fun! 6:30 at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park, near the loop.

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