Fun run

August 25, 2010 at 4:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

For the first time in a long time (ever?), I think I can say that everyone had a great time running last night!

Mid-afternoon we learned that we would be doing “Indian sprints” – I had no idea what that meant and I was even more nervous that just juice wouldn’t be enough to get me through the workout. When I went home to change, I ate the cashew snack bar:

It was filling and delicious. Sweet, but not overpowering.

On our way to the park, Chuck explained how Indian runs work: the group runs single file in a line, and every minute or so, the person in the back sprints to the front. It sounded horrible and scary, but it actually ended up being so much fun! There was plenty of time to recover between sprints and it feels good to fly for a little while. We all cheered for each other when we sprinted. Everyone kept up and everyone enjoyed it. I wish we did this every Tuesday (like, maybe instead of hills?!?). And I felt 100% fine with just the juice and snack bar for fuel.

Here we are, all sweaty and glowy after the run:

And here I am pre-run, with my secret running buddy:

It’s Laura! We are going to run a 4:45 marathon together. Oh yes, we are!

I was definitely hungry by the time we got home (even though I accidentally drank some Gatorade – whoops). The BPC dinner was excellent! It was yellow pepper and thyme soup, and a salad of summer squash, peppers, snap peas (I think), cashews and mung beans with a tamarind dressing that was exceptionally delicious. I was actually stuffed after I ate it – but in a nice way, not a gross way – and passed out on the couch almost immediately, waking only to eat the chocolate mousse.

The last day of the cleanse is already here! It went by so fast. I have already consumed my last pineapple-apple-mint juice and I’m sad about that. Just two more juices and a dinner to go.

I am definitely up to running again tonight, but I’m pretty tired emotionally and thinking of taking a mental health day. We’ll see.

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