A million bucks

August 26, 2010 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I feel like a million bucks!

I’m done with the cleanse and I think the results are excellent. I feel bloat-free and I dropped over 5 pounds of excess baggage. I’m definitely lighter on my feet.

And I did take a mental health day yesterday – well, a mental health evening, I guess – and instead of running I went shopping, and it was glorious.

The last BPC dinner was my least favorite – marinated kale salad and quinoa tabouli. The tabouli probably would have been good, but it featured three foods I’m not so into, especially raw – olives, tomatoes, and onions (I ate all the cucumbers). And kale, well…I think I’d rather drink my kale, for now. I subbed carrots and hummus for dinner, and ate the cacao chip mousse for dessert. Then I got 8 full, excellent hours of sleep.

And, finally, the sun is back. So many things have converged to make this an excellent day.

On another note, I’m really happy to have been listed on healthylivingblogs.com, a resource for all different kinds of, well, healthy living blogs! Here is some more information on the site and how to get listed:

Healthy Living Blogs is a new resource for the health blogging community. Created by Lindsey of Sound Eats, HLB is a site designed to enhance the positive community of the healthy living blog world. Bloggers and readers can explore the site and find more blogs to love, bloggers in their area, and forums to deepen healthy discussion and support. If you’re interested in having your site listed on HLB, simply send the following information to healthylivingblogs@gmail.com and check the site out for yourself!

  • Email subject line: MEMBERS
  • Your name (please share if you prefer to go by first name, first and last, or however you prefer to be known on the Internet)
  • Blog Name
  • Blog URL (please start with http://, not www.)
  • Your twitter handle, if applicable
  • Your location (if you prefer not to disclose this information for privacy’s sake, that is completely understandable. We’ll simply include your blog listing in the A-Z listing, not by location, too)
  • Any specific labels (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, weight loss, running, etc.)

I’m looking forward to running with the team tonight! All are welcome. 6:30 at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park, near the loop. We’ll be doing 6 miles.



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  1. just found you via the healthy living blogs – have fun running!

    • thank you, and thanks for stopping by!

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