Alone time

September 13, 2010 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

There are two kinds of alone time, or at least there were for me on Friday night: the nice kind and the creepy kind.

I missed my Wednesday run this week, so I set out to make up for it after work on Friday. I got a late start and headed up to the park by myself around 7. I do love when I take the train to the park by myself. All I have with me is my metrocard and keys, so there’s plenty of time to think and observe, fully unplugged. It’s nice.

When I started running, there was still light in the sky and there were plenty of people around. But by mile 2, it seemed to be suddenly completely dark, with only a handful of people around. The possibility that running alone in the park might be creepy had barely crossed my mind. There are usually hundreds and hundreds of other runners and bikers and cabs and vendors and walkers. But it was Friday night, and it was getting late, and I really didn’t like being out there alone. I decided to do 5 miles instead of 6 and got it done as quickly as possible – 5.21 in 50:58.

Obviously, I’m fine. Nothing terrible happened, and truthfully, I probably overreacted a little bit. But when I was out there, I sure was glad I was wearing my Road ID.

I wear it around my ankle and it has all of the essential information in case anything ever happens to me – my name, Chuck’s phone number, my mom’s phone number, and my insurance number (so whomever finds me knows it’s a-ok to take me to the hospital!). It makes me feel kind of invincible.

Mom, I promise I won’t ever go running in the dark on a Friday night by myself again. But at least I have my Road ID in case I find myself in a shady situation.


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