Goodbye, Saturday night

September 14, 2010 at 4:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Now it’s the time of year when we kiss our Saturday nights goodbye. Inevitably we have to get up extremely early on Sunday morning for a run of considerable distance. That means we go to dinner at 6 pm (hello, early bird special!) and turn in for the night by 10.

This Saturday night we did exactly that, and Sunday morning we got up at 5:30 for our 7 am run. We had 15 miles on the schedule, and then plan was to meet in the 50s on the east side, run up the FDR, over to Randall’s Island, loop the island twice, and then run back down.

It was an ugly, grey morning, but it was nice to meet up with so many team members – all in their new gear! (I love when we are a united front for Alzheimer’s and everyone who sees us knows it.) Before we set off, we tried to separate into pace groups. It’s a tricky thing and not what we’re used to, so it was something of a fail. I started running with Rachael – we were having a nice time chatting and I really enjoy talking to her – but then I suddenly realized that we had run the first mile in 9:16 and I had effectively separated myself from my pace group for the rest of the run. It actually worked out okay – I was able to keep up with Rachael and the speedier group for most of the time, and when I couldn’t, I just lagged back a little and kept them in my sights.

I had never been to Randall’s Island and I don’t know what I expected. Some parts were super lovely nature trails, and some parts were…well, some kind of sewage treatment plant, I think. There was quite a stretch where the overwhelming stench was human poo. There were also lots of playing fields – they were empty when we started, but by the time we finished up, tons of people were playing soccer and baseball.

After the first loop, we realized that we were going to be short on distance, and then figured out that we had actually only circled the lower part of the island, and missed the entire top. So on round two we did the full loop, which was more like 4-5 miles. One more loop of the bottom and the run back down the FDR brought us to about 14.5 total.

I felt okay. Not terrible, not great. My legs were really tired after mile 10, and there were even a few times when I wanted to stop, but I just kept going because I really wanted to get home so that we could go out to brunch and then take a nap!

In the end, I clocked 14.55 miles in 2.29.19, which is about 10:15 pace, and that’s a-ok with me.

Tonight we are having the usual Thursday run on Tuesday. Meet us at 6:30 at the Columbus Circle entrance to the park if you’d like to join!

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