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September 20, 2010 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Needless to say, yesterday was not a horrible, freezing, rainy day, so the 2010 Tune-Up had a big head start over the 2009 Tune-Up!

An enormous group of Team R2R Members got together for the run – seemed like almost half of the team! NYRR kindly took this photo of us and posted on their website (and I thank them for use of this image).

We tried to separate into pace groups, but again, we are all so new at this that it was a bit tricky. It did seem, though, that people of similar paces naturally floated towards each other, and most were able to run with a buddy.

I had the pleasure of running with my 4:45 goal buddy Laura, and we were joined by Alile, who is also right in our pace range. The three of us were so well-suited to running together that it all went very smoothly. I mean, as smoothly as 18 miles can go! Our first lap was very comfortable. Alile and I both had to stop for the loo and we lost about 7 minutes waiting in line, but we agreed later that it was better to get it over with early than to be uncomfortable while we waited for the lines to subside. (During the Marathon, I’m sure we’ll be willing to ride out some discomfort, but this was just a training run.) Once that was out of the way, the rest of the first loop was just fine.

The second loop is the worst loop. You’re starting to feel the pain, but there’s still so much remaining. Times like that are when having people to run with is so essential. We talked about anything and everything just to distract ourselves and it really worked.

On the third loop – pain! But knowing that you are passing each landmark for the last time makes a huge difference. (Especially when the landmarks are Harlem and cat hills!) The third loop is just about getting there alive, pushing through, meeting goals.

I had hoped that we would finish in 3:10, which is about 10:30 miles and a good pace for us for the Marathon. Our official time was 3:17, but that counts those 7 lost bathroom minutes. My watch said we finished in 3:09:45, which is perfect. And we definitely did it because we did it together – I certainly could not have pulled off that time alone.

Last year my time for the Tune-Up was 3:47. My, how things change! I love knowing that putting in hard work produces results. So satisfying!


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  1. that’s a huge improvement! way to go!

  2. oh thanks!

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