The last 10 miles

October 26, 2010 at 2:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Oh, those last 10 miles. They act so innocent two weeks before the marathon. But I know how they’ll be on race day!

A pretty grumpy cast of characters gathered bright and early Sunday morning to run through the last 10 miles of the marathon course. It wasn’t a bad run, really – once we were going, I felt just fine. And I got to chat with a lot of different people. The consensus was that we’re all just done! Everyone is excited about the marathon, but also unbelievably ecstatic that training is basically over.


I have to admit, when we were running those last 400 meters into the park, I had a tiny tear in my eye, thinking of when I crossed the finish line last year. The thought that I get to cross it again so soon, hopefully achieving a time goal, is overwhelming! It’s a good feeling, though, and one that I need to carry me through these next two weeks.


Tonight the team is getting together to decorate our jerseys and make posters for marathon day. All are welcome, so if you’re planning to come out on race day, stop by to make a sign! 7 pm at the chapter – 360 Lex, 4th Floor.

The team is going for a run before hand – these will likely be my only miles this week, as I’m headed to Buffalo for a wedding on Thursday. I guess I could bring my sneakers there. Maybe. Maybe.



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  1. I am trying to visualize being comfortably uncomfortable the last 10 miles.

  2. that’s a clever trick! i’m having flashbacks of crying in mile 23 😦

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