Health is wealth.

March 29, 2011 at 4:39 pm | Posted in running, strength | 9 Comments

Earlier this year, Chuck and I joined a new gym and signed up for training packages. We both turned 30 in December and feel like now’s the time to be in the best shape of our lives. I started working out 4 or 5 times a week, most days in the morning before work (!), plus some extra yoga and running on the side. I tried to clean up my diet a bit (I don’t think it’s so bad anyway, but I do love bread and cheese) as well.

After a month, I saw no change. Perhaps I was a bit stronger, but not in a tangible way. My clothes fit the same, the scale hadn’t moved, I still couldn’t do a real push up. So I quit.

I didn’t give up completely, but I was feeling pretty discouraged, so I decided to give myself a week off. I didn’t exercise at all and I ate and drank whatever I wanted. I didn’t bother making an effort to drink lots of water during the day like I usually do. I was a total lazeball.

In print it sounds kind of luxurious, but in reality, it totally sucked. I felt like crap all week. I thought maybe it wasn’t so different from the way I usually feel, but I know that’s not true since I’ve started exercising again (for two days, but still!).  I feel alert and happy and completely refreshed. Yes! Completely refreshed from getting back in the habit of waking up at 5:15 to go to the gym. Seems backwards, but it’s true. All that stuff they say about exercise and endorphins is for real.

So, lesson learned. I am a better me when I am exercising. Glad that’s settled.



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  1. I just started working out again too. I hate every second of being there, but i always feel so great after.

  2. funny, right? how has it been working out post-babe? have you been to yoga yet?

  3. I was going to yoga at first, but i needed more cardio. feeling my belly skin jiggle is certainly a motivator, but when i need to make an excuse for taking a 10-lunge break, i tell myself that its ok because i recently had a c-section. which, btw, i am TOTALLY healed from.

    • ha! if i were you i’d milk that excuse for as long as possible. 6 months at least. what do you do for cardio? i’ve been trying the stepper lately (the one that looks like real stairs) and I’m sweating buckets.

  4. i love your blog and you are the cutest thing on the planet.

    • i love you!

  5. I’m getting back at it to! I’m gaining weight almost as fast as my pregnant wife!

    • “Too” is what I meant.

      • haha glad you are back at it! hope you can come to a thursday run soon. we miss you 😦

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