The road to a race.

March 30, 2011 at 4:19 pm | Posted in races | 7 Comments

I ran 6 half marathons last year, and I didn’t train for any of them. I had never run a half before I ran the full, so I had a pretty arrogant attitude for the first one (“Oh PLEEZE, I have already done double this distance, it will be cake!”). THAT was something of a reality check. The second was just a few months later, but it was still winter and I probably only ran once a week beforehand. And all the rest fell during marathon training.

This year I’m dedicating myself to properly training for a great half. We are signed up for one in June that just happens to be in the beautiful part of Vermont where we spent a weekend last summer. I didn’t think the mountains would be a good place to go for a PR, but it turns out the course is all downhill! So I’m going for it. I want to run a sub-2 hour half. (My current PR is 2:08:59 so I have a long way to go.)

I decided to use Hal Higdon’s 12-week intermediate training program. I’m trying to stick to it to the letter (except of course for my “vacation” last week).

This morning I had to do 6 x 400 meters at 5K pace. That means run a quarter of a mile (yes, I had to look that up) at 5K pace 6 times with short walk breaks between. This was the best, shortest, and easiest workout ever! I was definitely uncomfortable during the running portions (I did them at 8:30 pace, which is a bit faster than my 5K time, but I figured I’d better kick it up a notch), but the breaks were great and the whole thing took less than 25 minutes. It was awesome.

Has anyone else used this training plan? If not, which one do you like?



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  1. Hi meghann Interval and strength training is key to quicker time. Just did Tampa half in feb (sub 2) and never exceeded 6mi during training.

    A good quick indoor interval workout is as follows:

    Set treadmill at 12 incline
    Set speed btw 7-8 mph

    Do 8 sets of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off

    4min total, will build your vo2 max


    • 12 incline sounds insane! i think i would fall off?!?

      but that is a super quickie workout. maybe i’ll give it a try. thanks!

  2. Megs…

    did you do this on the 6th Street track? Hmm…very nicely done…definitely a good thing to do a half marathon at a good consistant pace and get a PR! should be a VERY nice run up there as I heard great things about that race…have a great time and see you on Thursday nights hopefully!!!

    absolutely awesome…well you didn’t write down was that you were GOING FOR THE 5 Half Marathon series of the completion for the 5 boroughs!!! nothing stood in your way…not even a wedding!

    • no it was on the treadmill!

      I’ll tell about my prior halfs and my PATCH on another day 🙂

  3. I used that training plan for my 2nd half and cut more than 11 minutes off my time! I love hal!

    • oh wow! that makes me feel really hopeful! thanks!

  4. […] not sure how I feel going into this one. Will it be my first sub-2 hour half, as I hoped back when I decided to sign up? I don’t know. It’s no secret that I didn’t put 100% effort into my training. But I wasn’t […]

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