Speaking of races…

March 31, 2011 at 2:16 pm | Posted in races | 2 Comments

I signed up for a LOT this morning! What can I say? I love little races in the park. It’s so much fun to pin on your number and line up with everyone else (and wear my Alzheimer’s jersey in front of as many people as possible!).

When I saw that the race I had logged on to sign up for was sold out (the Scotland 10K on April 10), I immediately signed up for every other race that was available (and that I was available for):

City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks (4M), April 17

American Heart Association Start! Wall Street Run (3M), May 17 (after work! This is a fun one we’ve been doing for years)

Portugal Day Event (5M), June 19

Front Runners New York Lesbian and Gay Pride Run (5M), June 25

Achilles Hope & Possibility (5M), June 26 (an awesome race for runners with disabilities – so inspiring. And last year Prince Harry was there!)

Who else is in?



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  1. i am running on june 25th! last year they gave out an awesome shirt so i’m hoping this year it is similar.

    • I saw a ton of people in the park with that shirt and I was so jealous! definitely getting it this year 🙂 see you there (if not sooner, I hope)!

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