My sneaks are rad.

April 1, 2011 at 4:11 pm | Posted in not-running | 1 Comment

I took a picture of my sneakers this morning and I remembered to transfer it on to my computer, but I did NOT remember to email it to myself. So, here is a picture that I borrowed from the internets:

Do you see those rad neon yellow laces? Finally I have fun sneakers! I always get my sneakers at JackRabbit and they always tell me to get the ugliest shoe in the store. This time, by some miracle, I landed these lovelies (perhaps because I was whining about how I always end up with the ugliest shoe in the store. I don’t know). I know they’re not super-cute Nike Frees, like all the cool kids (including my mom!) have, but I’m a pronator and I need a more supportive, corrective shoe. This is the best I can do. They are Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s and I am really happy with them. I haven’t needed to wear orthodics and I have no pain in my heel.

These pups did 3 miles on the treadmill with me last night. (We cancelled our usual Thursday group run because of the nasty weather.) So, check, check, CHECK I got in all of Hal’s workouts this week. Just have to squeeze in my faux-5K tomorrow morning.

Have a delightful weekend! I hope no one plays any jokes on you.

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  1. Very cool looking shoes!

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