Like a rockstar.

April 6, 2011 at 4:22 pm | Posted in running | 2 Comments
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I banged out 35 minutes of tempo running last night and it was awesome! No need at all to worry about fuel.

I’m pretty slow on the treadmill (well, I’m pretty slow everywhere) so tempo for me was 9:22 pace. (Normally I have it set on 5.8-6.0 and last night I had it set on 6.4.) The total distance was 3.72 miles. It definitely felt hard while I was doing it, but I felt amazing when I was done. Like a rockstar!

I rewarded myself with new gym clothes from the Gap.

When I got home, I drank the last juice of the day. I have to confess that I do not enjoy this one – it’s cashew milk with cinnamon and it’s too gritty for me. I’m thinking about just having half or skipping it tonight.

This morning I met with Chuck’s trainer. Chuck had told him that I wasn’t really happy with my prior training program, so we chatted and he came up with a different style of workout for me – timed intervals of certain exercises. We did burpees (squat, jump to plank, jump back to squat, jump high in the air), walking planks (both forward and left to right), push-ups (REAL ones!), side lunges, rising lunges, and several other things I don’t have names for. I was sweating bigtime when we were done! But it was a satisfying workout and easy to repeat on my own – and even at home.

I’m already halfway through juicing. Easy as pie this time!


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  1. great job on your tempo run! sad news about the cashew milk…that’s the one i didn’t try but the one i was most looking forward to. hopefully i won’t find it so bad. is it really a good idea to skip it / drink half since its really the only source of protein on the cleanse?

    • thanks! don’t worry – I seem to be the only weirdo who doesn’t like the cashew milk. most people love it! I don’t know about skipping it – there’s some protein in the green juice, but not much. also, the cashew milk makes up 30% of the calories for the day so that would be a lot to go without. I’m thinking I’ll try drinking it in small batches…

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