Race report: Scotland 10K

April 11, 2011 at 7:10 pm | Posted in races, weekend | 2 Comments

Hooray, I had an awesome race on Sunday! I finished the 10K in 57:41, which is 9:18 pace, almost as fast as I need to be for a 2 hour half.  (Granted, that distance is 10K x 2 + a little more, but still. Baby steps.) I have only ever run one other 10K, but this was a huge PR over that one. And I just realized that it’s actually my fastest race pace ever!

It was chilly and grey at the start, but comfortable. There were almost 8,500 runners, which is a really enormous field for Central Park. I was in a corral near the end, as usual, but since I was a speed demon, I actually spent most of the race passing people. It was fine – I just ran a little outside the cones. I had no plans or goal times when I started, but once I saw that the first mile, which felt slow (especially because of the crowding), clocked at 10:20, I felt pretty good about having a fast race. The next two miles were both at about 9 minute pace, so even when I got tired around mile 4, I was able to relax knowing that I had built myself time to slow down near the end, while still coming in at under 60 minutes.

I had to push hard to get through the end of the race, but it was so worth it when I saw the results! I am super pleased with my time. I had been getting nervous about the 2 hour half, but now I think it’s a real possibility. Exciting!


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  1. Awesome! You are amazing!

  2. oh thanks Pat! I was really excited and surprised too 🙂

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