I lift things up, I put them down.

April 12, 2011 at 5:02 pm | Posted in strength | 8 Comments

I know that strength training is important for my overall well-being and will also make me a better runner.

But it is SO BORING!

I do not look forward to the days when I have weights planned. It is just so monotonous and tedious. I know I’m supposed to mix it up, but my nature doesn’t let me be flexible. I need a plan. And the easiest plan to remember is one that I do over and over again. So, I do the same three arm moves and the same four leg moves every time I do strength.

I don’t really listen to music at the gym, and though I like to watch TV or listen to podcasts while I’m doing cardio, I don’t have the coordination to do that while also counting reps! I’d end up doing 18 of one thing and 4 of another. Or, I’d end up counting really well but not listening to the podcast.

So. I realize some potential solutions to this problem, which I’m considering:

  1. take classes, at the gym and elsewhere;
  2. create new “plans” out of suggestions from magazines;
  3. watch videos online or on-demand for new ideas.

Is there anything I’m missing? What do you do to keep it interesting?



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  1. Taking classes at the gym was what initially got me into weight lifting. Then I started making weight lifting day playlists that differ completely from my running playlists so that also helped.

    Oh, I also like to gather ideas from a bunch of different magazines and put together creative workouts!

  2. a special playlist is a good idea! honestly, my ipod is mia – since I just watch tv at the gym and i don’t listen to anything when i run outside – but it’s looking like i might have to bring it back! thanks!

  3. The Nike Training app is really good (short film tutorials, timed sets, AND it lets you listen to your music). Plus it’s free! But I think it just works with iPhone/iPod touch. It might work on the iPad too. http://www.nike.com/nikewomen/features/ntc?locale=en_US

    • ooooh great tip! I have been trying to figure out a way to do timed sets, so this could be perfect! I will try to get it on my ipad. thank you!

  4. Meghann,
    Try a circuit! You do about 12-15 different exercises one set right after the other. Makes the workout less tedious and it feels like it goes faster. Call if you want me to send you something

    • hi Elicia! do you mean on machines or with free weights?

  5. Classes at the gym!!! The instructor does all the thinking for you, it is wonderful. And if you can consistently go to the same ones, you’ll be able to see your progression. I’m still a bit scattered and end up in all kinds of different ones. At least my push-ups are progressing!

    • I have been thinking about trying some gym classes and picking one and becoming a regular…they’re just so hard to schedule! I work a 9-5 so the pre- and post-work options are limited. but I have to find a way to make it work!

      Good luck with your push ups! i’m working on mine too 🙂

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