Afternoon delight.

April 15, 2011 at 6:47 pm | Posted in running, Thursday group | 4 Comments

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that it is still light out for our evening runs? It feels like it’s still afternoon, even though we usually finish around 7:30. Light makes all the difference.

Last night we set out do the 5 mile loop but ended up calling at quits at about 4.4 – no problem at all, since my schedule only called for 3. It was one of those runs that was pure pleasure. It reminded me why I love running.

This weekend is my first long-ish run in a while: 8 miles. I think I’m going to take the subway way uptown and then run back to my apartment. My plan is to go very easy and not watch the clock. Long runs are about distance, not time.

Then, on Sunday, I’m doing the 4 mile race for Central Park. Anyone else?

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Bummed i could not make it last night. No babysitter.
    I want to get in on some of your long runs. Now that I am getting back I am up to 6 or so would love to do your next long run with you. When is it? Don’t think I can do 8 this weekend. Let me know when you do your next long one.

    • there is always next week 🙂

      next weekend we will be in RI for easter, but the weekend after that I will probably do a long run on sunday morning. 9 miles? if we met at 8 am would that be too early?

  2. that is perfect. I put it in my calendar. Will touch base after easter. 😉

    • yay, great!

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