May 2, 2011 at 4:22 pm | Posted in running, weekend | 1 Comment

Glorious weekend!

Sunday morning I hopped on my bike (!) to ride up to Central Park to meet some friends for a long run. The weather was perfect – sunny, but not too hot.

6th Avenue was wiiiiide open because of the impending 5 Boro Bike Tour, so I cruised right up. I love to ride my bike! I wish I had the time/guts to do it more often.

It wasn’t even three miles to the park (and in no way do I think this counts as a real brick workout – that was a joke!), but my legs felt a little wobbly for the first few miles of the run, and it took me a while to find my breath. Eventually, though, I settled in. The 9 miles was surprisingly comfortable – aided, I’m sure, by both the weather and the excellent company.

Just one catch. My shin started to ache around mile 4, and by the time I was walking home on 18th Street, I was limping. I iced for 20 minutes when I got home, but it ached all day. Finally, in the evening, I was able to walk pain-free, but I could still feel it if I moved funny. Could it be a shin splint? I’m not sure what to do about this – I guess I’ll just watch it for now.

I was also supposed to run 4 miles on Saturday, but there just were not enough hours in the day. I’m very much hoping I’ll get back to knocking out all 5 runs again this week. Assuming I’m pain free, of course.

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