Ode to almond butter.

May 19, 2011 at 8:08 pm | Posted in food | 2 Comments

And now, for something new.

I’ve been thinking about fuel. And while I don’t think this blog will ever be a place where I post my three meals each day, I do think fueling is a huge part of running – and life! – so it deserves some attention.

I’ve told you before that I have the same breakfast every day during the work week: a slice of seven grain toast with almond butter, a banana dipped in almond butter, and two hard boiled egg whites. I try to hit the protein pretty hard in the a.m. This breakfast is probably setting me back about 500 calories, but it keeps me full for a long time.

Oh, almond butter. My love.

Since I don’t eat meat or fish, I have to plan protein consumption carefully. It usually comes in the form of nuts, beans, tofu, or eggs. (I DO think, though, that Americans vastly over-estimate the amount of protein they need each day, so I’m not going crazy over it.) Anyway, I LOVE almond butter because it’s good fat and protein all in one (plus deliciousness of course!). Almonds have more nutrition and less fat than peanuts, which is why I go AB over PB. And natural is the only way to go. (This means that there’s no crap in it that makes it possible for you to store it at room temp – it has to be refrigerated.) Your AB only needs ONE ingredient – almonds. I like to have salt in mine as well – my favorite brand is Trader Joe’s creamy AB with sea salt. Ingredient list: almonds, sea salt.

When I need quick fuel before a run, it usually comes in the form of AB – either a heaping spoonful on its own, or slathered on some toast. Before a longer workout, I’ll have a banana with AB and possibly a piece of toast too, if it’s a great distance. It keeps me full without feeling heavy, and gives me the energy I need. Sometimes before a short run I’ll just have fruit – or, if it’s first thing in the a.m., just water – but usually my buddy AB makes an appearance. It’s the perfect food for me.

What’s your go-to pre-run snack?



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