Sweaty yoga.

June 20, 2011 at 8:48 pm | Posted in weekend, yoga | 2 Comments

This weekend, while home visiting my family, I finally went to the one and only yoga studio in my hometown for a class. It’s called Synergy Power Yoga and they practice the Baron Baptiste vinyasa style.

Little did I know that that meant HOT vinyasa!

I started getting nervous when everyone walking into class came armed with towels and multiple water bottles (I had none of either). I knew it wasn’t Bikram yoga (which is practiced in a room heated to 104 degrees), but I still thought I might be in over my head.

In the end, I did wish I had a towel and a water bottle (or seven), but I actually loved it! Somehow, when I’ve heard people talk about hot vinyasa, I assumed it was more of a gym class than a yoga experience, but I was really wrong about that. This was super challenging but still featured all of the wonderful things I love about yoga: I felt calm, relaxed, and able to get away from the real world.  And it was kind of fun to be sweating like crazy all over the place. Refreshing, almost. I will definitely be back to this studio, and I’m also going to seek out a hot vinyasa studio in the city.

I do have one gripe, though, and I’d love to hear what people think. There was one person in this class – quite young, perhaps not even in college yet – who just did whatever she wanted the entire time. I know that yoga instructors encourage students to take more challenging poses if they are able, but this girl just seemed to be doing acrobatics that were completely unrelated to what the rest of us were doing. To me, that was kind of distracting and rude, but maybe I’m wrong. (Also, why bother spending $15 to be instructed if you’re just going to do what you want anyway?) I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is since I have no acrobatic skills myself. What do you think?



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  1. I’m glad you tried Synergy and liked it. I miss it!

    • we have to go together sometime! maybe in December or January 🙂

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