Hope & possibility.

June 27, 2011 at 7:22 pm | Posted in races, weekend | Leave a comment

Yesterday I ran the Achilles Hope & Possibility 5 mile race in Central Park.

It was a beautiful morning. I went to the race by myself, and I wasn’t planning to meet anyone, which was nice – I could just watch and think and enjoy. (I did end up seeing my father-in-law, and we ran the first two miles together, but after that he left me in his dust!)

I wasn’t interested in running a fast race. I wanted to be totally in the moment and not rush to the finish. So that’s what I did. I moved at a pace that felt comfortable and tried to be grateful with every step that I have two strong legs to run on.

Achilles International is an organization whose “mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics in order to promote personal achievement, enhance self-esteem, and lower barriers to living a fulfilling life.” It’s so incredible to see the way this group has empowered people who might otherwise have given up because of their injuries or other issues. I saw countless wheelchair racers, plus a number of people with prosthetic limbs – including one very young war veteran missing both legs and one of his arms – and several blind runners. All of these people could stay home and feel bad for themselves, but they choose to participate, and they are an inspiration.

So, every time I complain about it being too hot or cold or an ache or not having enough time, I will try to think of them and remember how lucky I am that I can run.


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