AM yoga.

July 14, 2011 at 11:55 am | Posted in yoga | 2 Comments

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I had a job that didn’t start until 10 am, and I used to get a lot done in the morning. And for a long stretch – a year? – I actually got up early every single morning and did a mini-yoga session to start my day. I had a 20 minute VHS (!!!) tape called AM Yoga that I loved.

Now, I have to be at work at 9, and my office is further away, and I’m older and lazier. But since I haven’t had time lately to get to yoga after work, I’d like to get back into my old habit of practicing in the morning. There’s nothing easier than showing up in your own living room, right? You don’t even have to shave your legs.

This morning I started with a YouTube video by Sadie Nardini. I guess I should have watched it first, because it wasn’t really what I was looking for – she just dove right into a bunch of moves that weren’t really even asanas. So, I closed the computer and tried making up my own routine.

It wasn’t terrible – a few sun salutations, mainly – but I definitely need guidance. I want to buy a DVD. I’m looking for straight vinyasa, something by someone who is a yoga teacher, not a fitness instructor (ie, not Jillian Michaels’ Bad Ass Yoga for Rock Hard Abs – if I wanted that I’d just go to the gym). Any recommendations?


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  1. My mom and sister swear by Rodney Yee. There might be clips on YouTube so you can see if you like his style. Good luck!!

    • Rodney Yee was on my VHS cassette! šŸ™‚

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