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July 19, 2011 at 3:26 pm | Posted in not-running, strength, weekend, yoga | 6 Comments

This has been a crazy summer. In addition to fixing up our apartment, we also…

Bought a house in Rhode Island!

My family lives there, and we’d been dreaming of a place where we could “get away” for a while, and now we’ve finally found our spot. (Remember when I was posting pictures of the beach in the winter? That was because we were house hunting near the ocean!)

Anyway, it’s a dream come true, but it also means that I’m stretched thin. More and more, my only workouts are runs with R2R. That’s great, but I only see the team once or twice a week at the most, which is not enough. So, I’m trying to find ways to squeeze in mini workouts here and there.

I’m starting with the yoga I mentioned last week – I got an off-line recommendation for a DVD with several 20 minute workouts (perfect!). While I wait for the Amazon order to arrive, I’m faking my way through 15 minutes of sun salutations each morning to hold me over.

I’ve also dusted off my weights. I have the least elaborate set of all time – two 7-lb dumbbells and a 10-lb kettlebell – but they get the job done when there’s nothing else. I can run through 3 sets of bicep curls, overhead lifts, squats, lunges, and calf raises (and those are all equipment-free!) in 15 minutes.

Then, if I’m feeling really wild, I’ll throw in some true torture – planks. I try to hold for 30 seconds and the rest for 20 seconds and repeat 5 times. (On the fifth one I am literally groaning.) This gets me sweating bigtime, which means it’s working. You really use your whole body staying up, so it’s pretty unbeatable for a quick workout.


Any other good ideas for quickie workouts?



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  1. Hi from the Ghost of Gardens Past!
    Congrats on your new abode. It looks perfect.
    Let me know if you’d like to plant a garden…
    Nancy xoxo

    • wow, I will definitely keep that in mind! how are you? doing well I hope? xx

  2. i’ve been doing pilates a lot recently and noticing significant improvements! for me, it works out different muscles than yoga. plus, it changes things up so you don’t get bored! i’ll get you some cheesy DVDs from Jordan that allow you to choose your targeted area (buns, thighs, abs, etc) for mini 10 minute workouts.

    • cheesy DVDs from Jordan sound amazing! thanks! are you going to pilates classes? I went to one once that I loved, and then I went to a second that I hated, so I never went back 😦

      • and congratulations!!

  3. thank you! I hope you can come visit soon.

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