Yoga + music: yay or nay?

July 21, 2011 at 6:01 pm | Posted in yoga | 5 Comments

I did my 15 minutes of random yoga this morning with music playing and it was… weird.

I’ve always thought of yoga as a quiet, meditative time. When I’ve been to classes with music, it has generally been what I would call “yoga music” – mostly instrumental and played at a very low volume. But I know that real music is becoming more and more prevalent in some studios, so since I already had music playing this morning, I just let it go.

My verdict is: I’m not convinced. I spend a lot of energy trying not to think of anything but yoga when I’m doing yoga, and music really distracts me from that. Also, the varying rhythms seem to mess up my breath patterns, and breath is how I measure my time in each asana.

But maybe really clever teachers choose the right music. I was just letting Pandora go all willy-nilly. So I can’t be sure.

What do you think? Yoga + music = yay or nay?

P.S. Join us for some very hot and sweaty running tonight! 6:30 at the Columbus Circle entrance to the park.


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  1. I often do yoga to the youtube videos of nature sounds or tranquil music. I love to do yoga to the sound of rain. That is when I get the chance to do yoga at home. The class I teach is on the beach so we are lucky to hear wind and surf throughout our practice. If you havent done yoga this way I would suggest it. find a good track of the sounds of waves and play at least during your meditation. The sound of the waves is healing to your body mind and soul as is all other primordial sounds.

    • yoga on the beach sounds amazing! the few times I’ve tried yoga outside, I’ve loved it.

      I totally agree with you about nature sounds… it’s more the rock n’ roll that I can’t get into. yet!

  2. Rock&Roll? um no. While I know you dont mean angry death metal or anythign like that, even popular music isn’t necessarily hearing and certainly not calming, as your yoga music should be. You didnt accidentally walk into a Zumba class did you? jk. I think most people don’t realize that the reason why move through the different poses is to prepare ourselves for meditation. Were I you, I’d be looking for a different class. So you can get the full benefits of yoga. Unless of course you decide you do like the Rock&Roll, then hey, whatever floats your boat. But that doesnt sound like its for me.

  3. sorry not hearing, I mean HEALING

    • I agree, generally. but there is definitely a trend with music. there’s a big, famous yoga studio here in nyc where music is a huge part of the practice – I haven’t tried it yet but I will definitely report back when I do!

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