Weekend part one: Warriors!

August 15, 2011 at 6:18 pm | Posted in races, weekend | 4 Comments

I tried not to really learn anything about the Warrior Dash before we headed up to Windham Mountain on Saturday so that I wouldn’t get freaked out. But I did know that it’s an adventure race where participants run a 3.2 mile course that is littered with crazy obstacles on a mountsinside. Chuck and I were convinced to sign up for this one by our friends back in January (when August seemed so so far away!).

I should have known better than to worry about the obstacles; the real torture was running UP the mountain! We started with a little jog before quickly realizing that we would have to just walk/hike most of it. It was steep! There were only two obstacles on the way up, and those two were nothing compared to the hike itself.

On the transverse and on the way down, though, there was a lot more excitement. We went through a giant puddle/mini-lake where we had to climb over four logs that had been suspended in the middle (we were chest high in water so this was no small feat). That was followed by a balance beam, a 19 foot high rope wall (I was so scared at the top!) and the biggest slip and slide ever (among many other things that I have already managed to block out). We ended by leaping over two walls of fire and scurrying on our bellies through muddy water under barbed wire.

The truth is, it was totally awesome and I would definitely do it again! I mostly liked the obstacles, but my favorite part was the trail running in the woods between the obstacles. It was beautiful on the mountain. Plus, we got t-shirts, medals, and awesome Viking hats. And we had a lot of fun doing the whole course together.

I am a sore bruised mess now, but it was worth it.



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  1. I’m so impressed!! Truly some hardcore work right there (as if running marathons wasn’t enough!)

  2. ha, thank you! it was FUN more than anything else but I was definitely exhausted at the end 🙂

    hope you’re having a nice summer!

  3. How did that jumping over fire situation work?

  4. there were two long strips of fire, probably about 1.5-2 feet high, so we just took them like hurdles 🙂 we may have touched the fire a little, but it was kind of like putting your finger through a candle flame!

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