Weekend part two: Anusara in the Apple.

August 16, 2011 at 5:58 pm | Posted in yoga | Leave a comment

My friend Melissa invited me to join her Sunday for some yoga classes as part of Anusara in the Apple, a two day celebration of the 14th anniversary of John Friend founding the Anusara method of yoga. Melissa is a yoga teacher in the Anusara tradition, but she assured me that I’d fit right in, even without much Anusara experience.

We signed up for two classes; the first was with Julie Dohrman and Emma Magenta, Melissa’s teacher from South Mountain Yoga in NJ, and the second was with Sianna Sherman and Ross Rayburn, who are apparently quite the stars on the Anusara scene (their class was sold out and totally packed!).

The first class was about darkness and light, and accepting that both are equally important parts of ourselves and our yoga practice. It was a really beautiful concept that reverberated both mentally and physically. The class was challenging, but also really playful and fun and I had a great time. It moved reasonably slowly, so I was able to keep up. This was the first class I’ve taken in a while that was not vinyasa based and honestly, it was kind of a relief to not have to package every posture inside a sun salutation. I felt good.

The second class was just kind of nuts. We were packed into the room like sardines and it started 30 minutes late (even though I’m often late myself, lateness like that totally makes my blood boil so I was already not in a good brain space when we began). I think both teachers kind of assumed that everyone in the room was a really experienced Anusara student and leapt right in to some pretty intense work. It was exhausting on its own, but combined with my soreness from the Warrior Dash and the 2 hour class we had just taken, I found myself slacking off just a bit. Ultimately, we decided to leave early (technically at the time when the class was originally supposed to end) so that Melissa could catch her bus back to NJ (and so I could pass out on the couch).

Still, being in these classes reminded me that no amount of videos and home practice can hold a candle to being in a class. I just have to make room for it somewhere! If only I was more like Martha and needed to sleep just four hours each night 🙂


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