All wrong.

August 17, 2011 at 7:15 pm | Posted in running | 6 Comments

Sometimes things just go all wrong. Yesterday was that kind of day through and through, R2R practice included. What can I say? We do our best.

(What’s up with the lack of enthusiasm from the left side?! Come on, guys!)

The team had a speed workout, and on speed days, I don’t run with them – usually my job involves timing and taking pictures. Yesterday I was responsible for both but it turns out I only have the skillz to do one at a time, so I stuck with timing. But once all of the runners were out on the course, I did do a little running on my own – around in circles near Tavern on the Green for 10 minutes. Then, once I timed their first lap, I ran around for 5 minutes more. After I timed their second lap, I ran over to the East side…and ultimately back to the West side. Maybe I ran for 30 minutes all together? I have no idea how far I went. But it was my little something for the day. And a little something is quite an accomplishment on a day that’s all wrong.



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  1. my bad. we’ll get it back on next weeks run….sorry to let you guys down…

  2. not you at all! I just had a bad day yesterday 😦

  3. Oh man, I am feeling such pangs of jealousy! I know I made the right choice and I know that I don’t have the appropriate amount of time to properly train but marathon day is going to be ROUGH not being out there! Plus, I miss you guys!

  4. you will just have to help us cheer! we are going to have two amazing cheering sections this year!

    we miss you! how are you? how’s Clio????

    • I am hoping I will be able to be out there to cheer at least! Are you gonna break three hours this year? 🙂

      We are all doing well! Can’t wait until we are able to get a jogging stroller! Now…to find a R2R onesie!

      • yes, you have to come cheer!!! I won’t be breaking any records – I’m 99% sure I’m not actually going to do the race. I’ve been running with the team, but I haven’t been training for a marathon. so I’ll be out there with the cheering squad, which I’m really excited about!

        you should check in with some other R2R parents about which jogging strollers they like 🙂 hope you are enjoying these first few weeks!

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