Your BFF will always call you out.

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Yesterday after my toast post my BFF told me that she does not approve of my breakfast edit! She said it’s not smart to eliminate something healthy (whole grain toast, almond butter) in favor unhealthy things (cheese, wine, ice cream). Can you imagine?

(There she is. From the back to protect her identity, of course.)

The truth is, I hadn’t thought of it that way at all (which makes me feel a little stupid). She’s right, obviously. But at the same time, I still think my breakfast is healthy even without the toast, and I can get that whole grain goodness later in the day – for example, yesterday for lunch I had a sandwich on that bread (with avocado, cucumber, and cheddar). And I really want treats! BFF thinks I can have the toast AND the treats, but sadly, my tush doesn’t agree.

So, what do you think? Is my substitution smart or stupid?

Did a little running yesterday, too.

Most of these crazy kids did SIX repeats on cat hill – pure torture. I’m sure they’re suffering today, but they’ll be stronger runners tomorrow. I am so impressed with them all. A few of us weren’t quite up for that so we took a spin around the loop instead. Equally worthwhile!

Anything fun this weekend? Chuck and I are headed up to Windham Mountain for Warrior Dash. If I make it back alive, I’ll tell you all about it on Monday.


I quit toast.

August 11, 2011 at 3:44 pm | Posted in food, Thursday group | 3 Comments

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel the need to tell you that I have eliminated toast from my breakfast routine.

I don’t like giving things up, but I realized I was consuming more calories than I really should each day and I looked around a bit for places to snip. The toast was the obvious choice – 100 calories for the bread plus 100 calories (or more?!) of almond butter. (Don’t worry, I’m still getting my AB/protein fix by slathering it on my banana [wow, that sounds really dirty, but there is just no other way to say it].)

It seems like such a small change but I’m already feeling the difference. I’m just as full without toast but I don’t feel as weighed down. And now I can splurge more on the weekend, where splurging belongs (also somehow dirty?). The lesson here is that carefully picking and choosing where I get my calories can help me to eat what I want without worrying about growing out of my clothes.

For example, I love cheese. LOVE. But when I think about it, what I really REALLY love is having a fancy bit of cheese with a slice of baguette and maybe (ha) a glass of wine. So, I’m trying to save my cheese intake for moments like those, and not just automatically add cheese to every sandwich and veggie burger I eat. And it’s working for me, so far.

On another note, today is a PERFECT day for a run! Come on out and join us. We’re going to do the hill workout that we had scheduled for Tuesday when we were rained out. If you’ve never done hills, today is your lucky day! (Don’t be afraid.) 6:30 at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park.


I love a long weekend.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to run on Thursday! It was great! 

I spent the long weekend not running, not doing yoga, not doing anything much but eating like a wild animal. This morning I stepped on the scale and received my punishment.

I’m SURE running + yoga is the magic formula for me (assuming, of course, that I actually go running and do yoga), but to stay the size I want to be, I need to be more careful about food. I ate absolutely anything and everything I wanted this weekend (in great volume), and I just can’t do that. I don’t want to be restrictive in general – I can’t ban myself from cheese, for without it I would have no reason to live – but I do need to be selective. So, while a holiday weekend is a fine time to indulge, I have to remember that I don’t need to indulge at EVERY meal (hello, donuts).

Anyone have good tricks for staying on track over holiday weekends? Or…weekends in general?

Soup & sammie.

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The main reason I don’t tell you all about what I eat all the time is because I’m incredibly boring. I already told you that I eat the same breakfast every day, and surprise, surprise, I pretty much eat the same lunch every day, too.

I try to be light at lunch time because I am very prone to food coma and likely to fall asleep at my desk at 3 pm. So, I usually keep it to soup and bread or little sammie. I’m lucky enough to work in a place with a cafeteria just for the staff and they serve delicious soups from Au Bon Pain every day. I always hope for a soup with beans or tofu to up the protein level, but that doesn’t happen every day. Today, for example, I had garden vegetable, and on the side a roasted veg & mozzarella mini on pumpernickel.

It was all actually rather delicious.

If I’m going running after work or planning some other kind of exercise, I must eat something else in the afternoon – usually involving almond butter.

That hasn’t happened lately, though, because I haven’t done anything but walk to work since the half marathon! I know I’m going to be running a lot soon so I’m cutting myself some slack and dealing with life for a bit. And I do have plans for yoga tomorrow and a team R2R run on Thursday. So I’ll be moving again soon. Probably. Almost definitely.

Do you bring your lunch or do you buy it?

Ode to almond butter.

May 19, 2011 at 8:08 pm | Posted in food | 2 Comments

And now, for something new.

I’ve been thinking about fuel. And while I don’t think this blog will ever be a place where I post my three meals each day, I do think fueling is a huge part of running – and life! – so it deserves some attention.

I’ve told you before that I have the same breakfast every day during the work week: a slice of seven grain toast with almond butter, a banana dipped in almond butter, and two hard boiled egg whites. I try to hit the protein pretty hard in the a.m. This breakfast is probably setting me back about 500 calories, but it keeps me full for a long time.

Oh, almond butter. My love.

Since I don’t eat meat or fish, I have to plan protein consumption carefully. It usually comes in the form of nuts, beans, tofu, or eggs. (I DO think, though, that Americans vastly over-estimate the amount of protein they need each day, so I’m not going crazy over it.) Anyway, I LOVE almond butter because it’s good fat and protein all in one (plus deliciousness of course!). Almonds have more nutrition and less fat than peanuts, which is why I go AB over PB. And natural is the only way to go. (This means that there’s no crap in it that makes it possible for you to store it at room temp – it has to be refrigerated.) Your AB only needs ONE ingredient – almonds. I like to have salt in mine as well – my favorite brand is Trader Joe’s creamy AB with sea salt. Ingredient list: almonds, sea salt.

When I need quick fuel before a run, it usually comes in the form of AB – either a heaping spoonful on its own, or slathered on some toast. Before a longer workout, I’ll have a banana with AB and possibly a piece of toast too, if it’s a great distance. It keeps me full without feeling heavy, and gives me the energy I need. Sometimes before a short run I’ll just have fruit – or, if it’s first thing in the a.m., just water – but usually my buddy AB makes an appearance. It’s the perfect food for me.

What’s your go-to pre-run snack?

Like Christmas morning.

April 8, 2011 at 2:33 pm | Posted in food | 7 Comments

Last night I finished my final juice.

This morning I woke up feeling giddy and got the French press cranking!

And had a wildly indulgent breakfast of watermelon.

Baby steps! Can’t dive back in to anything crazy after going food-free for three days. I’m thinking my mid-morning snack will be a banana with almond butter, and then lunch…well, I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Once again I’m really happy with the results of the cleanse (so far). I really felt quite good while I was on it – I had three very productive days at work and in my personal life. I feel that I’ve seen a small but significant improvement in my skin, which is wonderful. And I did lose 6 pounds. The point of juicing is not to lose weight, but it’s a nice side effect. Plus, most importantly, I don’t want to go back to the bread- and cheese-heavy foods I was eating before – I really just want nice, fresh fruits and vegetables so I can keep feeling so good (we’ll see how long that lasts since it’s no secret that bread and cheese are my top two food groups!). Also, I think I’m just going to switch to decaf coffee. I clearly don’t need the caffeination, and I can easily give it up without missing out on the ritual of making coffee in the morning.

In other news, our group run last night was GREAT! I was feeling a little tired and heavy, to be honest, but despite that we still finished the 5.1 mile loop in 49 minutes, which made me very happy. And it was all worth it for the moment when I got to come home and log my miles on Flotrack and DailyMile. Putting it in writing and watching it add up is so satisfying! (PS if you don’t use DailyMile, you should! It’s like facebook for runners/cyclists/other sporty people and it’s super fun.)

HAPPY WEEKEND! Are you up to anything fun? Any races?

Spring clean(s)ing.

April 5, 2011 at 2:38 pm | Posted in food | 13 Comments

It’s that special time of year!

I’m doing another juice cleanse. This time I’m back to all juice (rather than juice til dinner) – I just didn’t think the dinner was worth the trouble.

I’m doing it, like before, to kick start a new season of health. I’d call it my semi-annual “flush.” It’s much needed after a looooong winter of comfort food.

I started this morning with a green juice. Contrary to popular belief, it is delicious! (Last night when I was walking home with the box of juice, a random stranger told me that she’d tried BPC but hated it because she thought the juices were disgusting. Insane! They are so good!)

I took three more juices into work in my handy little lunch sack. Precious.

Pineapple-mint-apple (which is insanely delicious – I’m having it now!), another green juice, and spicy lemonade.

New this year: nutrition labels. Interesting additional information.

Also new (for me) this year: I’m planning on keeping up my normal gym routine while I’m juicing. I have a run scheduled for tonight, tomorrow morning I have a session with Chuck’s trainer, and Thursday evening is our usual weekly group run. I think that will all be fine. (If it comes to it, BPC recommends eating some avocado or cucumber.)

That said, last night I had a terrible time at the gym because I felt SO hungry! I ate normally yesterday and even had some extra almonds (okay they were cinnamon and sugar coated almonds but they were delicious) before I left for the gym, but when I got there my hands were shaking! I KNOW it was totally psychological, in anticipation of not being able to eat for three days, but it was bad. I tried to force myself to run; I only made it through two miles. It was pretty awful.

Today is a new day, though, and two juices in, I’m feeling pretty great. I have to do a tempo run tonight, which scares me a little, but it’s good, too, as it’s a fixed time rather than distance.

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Which one? How did you like it?

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