June 9, 2011 at 2:05 pm | Posted in not-running | 4 Comments

I’ve walked to work every day this week! I usually am in a rush and take the subway to the bus. But I gave walking a whirl on Tuesday and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was wonderful!

Today I took a few pictures along the way.

Nice views, right?

The walk to work is about 1.7 miles, which is a nice way to get some movement in on days when I don’t have a “real” workout planned. (It’s too hot to run right now!)

This weekend we’re off to a wedding. Not bringing sneakers! (Okay, well, maybe I’ll bring sneakers. Just in case. You never know what might come up!) Then next week begins the new yoga regiment.

Are you up to anything fun this weekend? Anyone running the NYRR Women’s Mini-10K? I wish I was – I loved that race last year, and I especially would have liked to be a part of it this year, since they’re honoring Grete Waitz.



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  1. My old neighborhood! I do miss the views of the Museam and the Dakota; but I don’t miss a 5 flight walk up in this weather. I’m planning on either running (short) or going to the gym tonight. I might need to start my old 5:30 am runs again soon…

    • CPW is so pretty; for some reason I like it so much more than 5th.

      and that reminds me – I am going to email you your marathon training schedule!

  2. I miss walking to work! For most of my time in NYC, I have either lived in Manhattan and worked in Brooklyn or lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhattan (because clearly I love wasting time on a long commute). For a few brief months, I lived and worked in Brooklyn — and I walked! Well, I usually just walked home from work (not a morning person). But it was fun!

    I used to live on the UWS — love the pics!

    • I’m going to miss this walking! When we are back in our apt (we’re living here while our floors are refinished), I won’t be able to walk anymore since it’s too far. But maybe sometimes I can get out at a further-away subway station or something?

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