Soup & sammie.

June 14, 2011 at 8:13 pm | Posted in food, not-running | Leave a comment

The main reason I don’t tell you all about what I eat all the time is because I’m incredibly boring. I already told you that I eat the same breakfast every day, and surprise, surprise, I pretty much eat the same lunch every day, too.

I try to be light at lunch time because I am very prone to food coma and likely to fall asleep at my desk at 3 pm. So, I usually keep it to soup and bread or little sammie. I’m lucky enough to work in a place with a cafeteria just for the staff and they serve delicious soups from Au Bon Pain every day. I always hope for a soup with beans or tofu to up the protein level, but that doesn’t happen every day. Today, for example, I had garden vegetable, and on the side a roasted veg & mozzarella mini on pumpernickel.

It was all actually rather delicious.

If I’m going running after work or planning some other kind of exercise, I must eat something else in the afternoon – usually involving almond butter.

That hasn’t happened lately, though, because I haven’t done anything but walk to work since the half marathon! I know I’m going to be running a lot soon so I’m cutting myself some slack and dealing with life for a bit. And I do have plans for yoga tomorrow and a team R2R run on Thursday. So I’ll be moving again soon. Probably. Almost definitely.

Do you bring your lunch or do you buy it?


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